Wednesday, September 7, 2011



Moussaka is to the Eastern Mediterranean Culinary what lasagna is to Italy: very rich, a special dish that is perfect for a Sunday dinner or a potluck get-togethers. The recipe requires a little 'time to assemble, but good Lasagna, it's worth it.

Moussaka is a stew made from eggplant with layers of spicy meat filling then finish with a creamy white sauce that is cooked to perfection in gold.

Moussaka is mainly based on the taste and the taste of eggplant, if the eggplant is cool enough, not worth starting to make moussaka, because it involves a lot of work. People mistakenly assume that dubious aubergines can be disguised with a layer of ground meat sauce and a milk-white, and it was "brilliant" Culinary.

Moussaka is a calorie of food as a cup to prepare the moussaka provides 550 calories. This includes more than 27 percent of the recommended daily intake of 2,000 calories. Eat moussaka is not ideal for dieting because it would take about 57 minutes to burn the calories in a cup of this food.

Minced meat is rich in protein, so a dish moussaka high protein content. Serve this dish provides 25 grams of protein, more than four times the number of eggs. Protein to build and repair body tissues, so it's important to eat protein every day.

A serving of moussaka provides 5 grams of dietary fiber, an essential nutrient for good health. Dietary fiber can help you manage your cholesterol and blood sugar, keep your digestive system healthy and nutritious also promote regular bowel movements and feelings of fullness.