Friday, September 16, 2011

White Chocolate

White chocolate is not chocolate as usual. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, a cocoa bean product is also used to produce chocolate. Cocoa butter, which has a slight taste of chocolate combined with milk ingredients, sugar and flavorings such as vanilla often to create the creamy confection known as white chocolate.

White chocolate is ivory-colored (white chocolate made with vegetable fat is white) and is rich and creamy. Its subtle flavor complements other soft ingredients in the kitchen.

During the manufacturing process, is the substance in the dark cocoa beans separated from its fat content (such as milk, semisweet and dark chocolate), but unlike traditional cocoa to chocolate, by recombinant . As a result, white chocolate contains antioxidant properties that characterize or more ingredients in chocolate.

When chocolate liquor is pressed, the fat removed. The cocoa butter fat-calling, and is the main ingredient in white chocolate.

In dark chocolate, cocoa butter is reblended with the procedures for separating solids of cocoa in order to dark chocolate. It can also be sweetened and mixed with other ingredients such as milk carton, so that the chocolate we eat normally.

However, white chocolate with cocoa butter does not meet with cocoa powder. In contrast, sugar and milk are added to create the final treatment. Because the caffeine in chocolate is cocoa, not the cocoa butter, white chocolate contains no caffeine.